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(From Left to Right): Brad Nylander, Tracy Nylander, Karen Podhorn, Paul Podhorn, Byron Hayes, Patrick Maxam, Rey Maxam, Michael McGehee, Susie Barlow, Corby Callaway.


RE/MAX RedZone partners with Texas Sentinels Foundation

to provide debt free home to local wounded warrior


YNN's Rex Castillo sits down with the Podhorn family to talk about their life changing event:


Friday was one of the happiest days in Sergeant Paul Podhorn's life. He and his wife Karen finalized everything for their new house in Belton. "It's just a huge burden lifted off your shoulders when you transition from military life where everything is provided for you to civilian life where it's no longer there," Podhorn said.



Moving into a new home is a happy transition for this couple, one that seemed unlikely even a short time ago. While serving in Iraq, Podhorn was shot in the head by a sniper. "I woke up after surgery and they told me 'hey you were shot in the head'," Podhorn said. A large scar is a permanent reminder of how near the sniper's bullet came to killing him. "The doctor said a quarter-inch to the right and it would have gone straight through," he said. Thankfully, the Army veteran is now home with his wife and ready to start his new life.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Houston-based Texas Sentinels and Harker Heights' RE/MAX RedZone, they got their new home at a very special price. The two groups teamed up with local banks to prepare the home for Podhorn and his family."Completely 100 percent debt-free, mortgage-free, fully furnished," Susie Barlow with the Texas Sentinels Foundation said. "We're all doing this as volunteers because it means so very, very much."


Officials say the home will be finished just in time for Thanksgiving.


"It's mind blowing. It's amazing and I could not be more thankful for you know being part of this experience and for knowing these people," Paul’s wife, Karen Podhorn, said.


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